Shield Name
Look A.C. Coloso
Look A.C.E. Sansur
Look A.E. Empenta
Look A.E. Fortaleza
Look A.E. I.E.S. Manuel Blancafort
Look A.E. Josep Boada
Look A.E. Les Botigues de Sitges
Look A.E. Moià
Look Adet U.A. Tossa
Look AEE Badia del Vallès
Look AE Enlleurat-Mataro
Look Albelda Futsal
Look Alcarràs F.S.
Look Aro C.E.
Look Associació Juvenil Montserrat
Look Ass Perpignan Futsal
Look Athletic Aguilar
Look Athletic Sant Joan
Look Atletic Grups Arrahona F.S
Look Atlètic Les Corts
Look Atletic Sant Boi
Look Atlètic Vidreres FSCE
Look Av. Can Palet F.S.
Look Baix Montseny F.S.
Look Banús Futsal
Look Bar Passadí­s Dynamo Cervera F.S.
Look Bellcaire F.S.
Look Betania F.S.
Look Betis Catalunya C.F.S.
Look C.E.Blanda
Look C.E.F.S. Ciutat Granollers
Look C.E. Gadex
Look C.E. Maristes de Rubí
Look C.E. Orange El Papiol
Look C.E.S. Blanes
Look C.E. Sagrerenc
Look C.F.S. Alguerri
Look C.F.S. Balaguer
Look C.F.S. Bar La Terraza - Alcalà Prat
Look C.F.S. Cadaqués
Look C.F.S. Castellví
Look C.F.S. Inter Sentmenat
Look C.F.S. La Garriga
Look C.F.S. Lliçà de Vall
Look C.F.S. Palafrugell
Look C.F.S. Ponts
Look C.F.S. Rural Massoteres-Sant Guin de la Plana
Look C.F.S. Sant Climent
Look Ca La Guido Futsal
Look Castellfollit Riubregos C.F.S.
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Asociación Mundial de Futsal - AMF
Look Asociación Mundial de Futsal - AMF
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