Team 1 Result Team 2
Look C.e. Maristes De Rubí C.e. Maristes De Rubí Dosrius F.s.


Name Team Value
Look Marc Juan Aromi  Marc Juan Aromi C.e. Maristes De Rubí 10
Look Jose Sola Armada Jose Sola Armada Dosrius F.s. 7
Look Souleymane Dembele Toure  Souleymane Dembele Toure C.f.s. Palafrugell 7
Look Mohamed Baalla Boufous  Mohamed Baalla Boufous C.e. Maristes De Rubí 7
Look Felix Donoso Hernandez Felix Donoso Hernandez Dosrius F.s. 6

Yellow cards

Name Team Value
Look Guifre Ricart Real  Guifre Ricart Real C.f.s. CRISTEC Balaguer 3
Look Alvaro Carreño Rocha  Alvaro Carreño Rocha Dosrius F.s. 2
Look Adrian   Fernadez DelgadoAdrian Fernadez Delgado C.f.s. Palafrugell 2
Look Víctor Cabanilla Martínez Víctor Cabanilla Martínez Sants Atletic FS 2
Look Ivan Quintana Arcos Ivan Quintana Arcos C.F.S. La Bisbal 1

Own goals

Name Team Value
Look Justo Camarero Chillaron Justo Camarero Chillaron C.f.s. Palafrugell 1

Blue cards

Name Team Value
Look Adrian   Fernadez DelgadoAdrian Fernadez Delgado C.f.s. Palafrugell 1
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